If Percy French had ever written about this pub, there’s only one title which would fit:

The Star of the County Down

A simple recipe for success

It can’t be easy taking over a highly respected kitchen, but Rory Trainor, The Maghera Inn’s new chef, reckons he’s more than ready. And all the signs are that he’s right.

Chef Rory brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience to the Inn. He’s been at this game since he was 16 and now has over 20 years’ experience under his belt. And while Rory’s well versed in exotic food preparation, he’s equally at home with straightforward tasty cooking that brings out the best in seasonal, wholesome ingredients.

“I think cooking’s in my genes,” says Rory. “My mum was a chef and my grandmother had a natural flair for baking. I’ve never considered doing anything else and I’m fortunate in having worked with some of the great chefs in Ireland. Mind you, if you asked me who I admire most in the culinary world, I’d have to say Jamie Oliver. I find his no-nonsense approach to cooking very refreshing and he has absolute respect for both his ingredients and his customers.”

“I’ve inherited a great team at The Maghera Inn and my plan is to build on our strengths. I want to extend our skill base so that we’re doing as much as possible in-house. That means baking our own breads, creating our own desserts, ensuring that every single mouthful our customers enjoy is crafted by us with care and passion.”

That sounds like a recipe for success, so why not call in and find out for yourself. To book your table at The Maghera Inn, call us today.